About Serendipitous Sally

About Me
I am a 24 year old who loves cupcakes, God, the sound of birds singing outside my window,  and whimsical things 🙂 I am swinging between career and pursuing a master’s degree and am about to embark on a gap year in my education in order to do something I should have done long ago: get a handle on my OCD. I am a free-spirit paired with a brain that does not let me be a free-spirit. I really enjoy BBC television, especially when there is Jane Austen or a time-travelling humanoid alien in a blue-box called a TARDIS involved. 
Why a blog?
2012 was the absolute worst for my OCD; bad enough that my friends and I call it “The Year of Anxiety”. The worst part was how quickly time flew, and not in the fun sort of way. So for 2013, I thought that I should supplement my efforts to master my OCD with a blog. The goal is to document my life with OCD; the tough moments, the OCD triggers, the sources of hope, and the little things that make me happy to be alive (there was a time when I was not).   Finally, I also would like to believe that when I  find some source of inspiration or education that helps me “just keep swimming”, in posting it on this blog, some soul out there in the universe who really needs encouragement will stumble upon it and be inspired too 🙂 Thanks for reading!

PS – here is my Disclaimer (because when you have OCD, you feel compelled to have one).

Cupcakes and Whimsy: The Journey to Mindfulness is my personal blog, diary, & a tool for sharing my experience & opinions. The author of this blog is not qualified to give medical, psychiatric, or psychological advice and the contents of this blog should not take the place of a medical professional qualified to assist and advise you (not me or any other blog for that matter). Please see the Resources page for links to helpful webpages.


One thought on “About Serendipitous Sally

  1. I like the fact that you have created this blog to document and share sources of joy, thankfulness, inspiration, and living mindfully. These are all topics of interest to me as well. Thank you for creating a blog to share these things!

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