Have Some Humble Pie

I prayed a few weeks ago that God would make me humble. It’s working.

I am in that phase of your mid-20’s when you find yourself making comparisons left and right as you try to measure whether you are making any progress at this being a grown-up deal. They are just little things, but the little things that get underneath your skin in just the right ways. I have been feeling under appreciated at work and overwhelmed at school. I have been feeling socially awkward and meek. My Facebook newsfeed is filled with engagement photos, wedding announcements, pictures of other peoples vacations, and pictures of their acceptance letters to grad school. It’s just one of those seasons of life when you want to go home and watch Ugly Betty or The Devil Wear’s Prada and root for your protagonist underdog!

Of course, in being bothered about the little things, you also become bothered that you could be so self-centered in the first place. Oh bother. First-world problems.

As I was driving home today, I heard the radio DJ on my local Air1 station talk about how life seemed to be throwing him all of these difficult people lately. He then recalled that he had prayed that God would make him humble. He felt that these difficult people were God’s way of teaching him the very thing he prayed for. I believe he said something about these people being “the sandpaper” in his life, rubbing down his rough edges. I really liked what he had to say! And then he made an adorable reference to The Karate Kid and how this is our “training”. True true. How else am I I supposed to get humble? I don’t think I would like the person I would become if I spent too much time on top of the world.


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