Mindfulness Moment: Realizing You Like The Person You’ve Become

Have you ever paused to think about how much you have changed? How very different the internal dialogue is now from what it was years ago? Hopefully, you are grateful for what has changed. This must be the joy of getting older and, little by little, wiser. At 24, I am excited to see who I will be at 60 🙂

I even like who I am because of how OCD has shaped me. My anxiety disorder, while still not welcome in my life, is something that has made me a much more compassionate person. My anxiety disorder has also broken my pride a bit (still needs more work there) and has taught me that it is OK to depend on my loved ones for support. I don’t have to do everything alone. I can admit when I feel afraid. Most importantly, I cannot control everything and I do not need to in order to be happy. In some strange way, the challenge of overcoming OCD is teaching me about true freedom.


What do you think?

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