Is This Depression?

Every so often in my life, I withdraw. I don’t care too much about anything. I don’t care to eat, exercise, read, or be with loved ones. It is hard to focus on my job. I become apathetic about school well beyond the usual. I don’t even care to dream and wish. I see no future For myself. It is like this strange blanket of fog comes over me and follows me around for a bit. I sleep a lot or watch lots of TV. Everything feels threatening. I am confused. Is it OCD? Depression? GAD? All of them?

I think I am a pretty energetic person. I am normally a hopeful person. My blog is testament to the fact that I am full of dreams and am motivated to “just keep swimming”. I think I have a wonderful and exciting life! So what is this? I have had some very bad obsessions lately, so maybe that has set me up for this. Sorry guys, more questions than hopeful revelations in this blog. It is a very strange thing, not to hope or care or enjoy life.


What do you think?

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