The Big Decision: Taking A Break From School

This weekend I took a really big step in the right direction towards being kind to myself and enabling myself to get in kick-butt condition for fighting anxiety and OCD. I decided, 6 days before the big deadline that was supposed to define my purpose in life, the great application that I spent 2 years as a post-bac and many sleepless nights preparing for, that I was taking a break from school. I would not be going through with my graduate applications this cycle. I’m still processing what it all means, but the gift of a year to myself is a big deal! I’m excited. We live in a world that finds less and less value in being kind to oneself. This is perhaps the most rebellious thing I have ever done 😉 I am looking forward to OCD support groups, cognitive behavioral therapy, investigating my options with medication, and learning as much as I can about OCD. “Time” will no longer be an obstacle, for now I will have plenty of it. And I have no doubts at all that when I return to grad apps, I will be a healthier, happier, and more mindful me.


What do you think?

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