I Mean It This Time: Goals and Intentions

I like to read about people who seem to be zen, calm, and mindful. I don’t ever do what they say they do, but I sure like to read about it .Someone whose zen I always wish I could absorb through reading about them is Tara Stiles, a very successful yoga teacher with blog, books, and a handy-dandy yoga youtube channel.

She recently posted on her website a blog about taking time to set daily intentions. I get really excited about these sorts of things: intentions, goal-setting, being kind to yourself, etc. On and on and on. Problem is, I never actually do anything with these wonderful words of wisdom. I also think that I never do anything with these great ideas because I set the bar too high. “Too high” is not even the right phrase; I set them in outer space on the edge of a parallel universe. I’ve come to realize I am really great at setting lofty goals that just don’t work with my lifestyle at this point in time. And I am an all-or-nothing kind of lady. If I can’t get up at 5 am to make that 6 am yoga class and go running afterwards, before I go to work that is, then why even try? Result: I can’t live that way and after one day of trying, 90 days later, the only exercise I get is walking to my car in the parking lot.

I do the same with school and work, which has technically worked out fine, since when one does the whole shoot for the moon thing you can still “land among stars”  and all that. The problem with shooting not just for the moon, but for a parallel universe at the edge of space, is that you get in this cycle of maximum effort and output in overdrive followed by falling short of your goals. And then you get upset about not meeting goals you were never meant to meet in the first place. And then you are too tired to even shoot for the moon.  And then you just watch too much Netflix all weekend because you don’t want to do a single thing more that requires effort.

So I really want to do this. I love Tara Stile’s blogs and videos because she keeps it simple. Simple is so awesome! It’s calm. It’s clean. It’s realistic. I’m starting to believe simple can be incredibly satisfying and that I should really try it. Check out her blogpost to see what she decided to set for her daily intentions (she challenges her readers to commit to 30 days of this by the way).

So here goes: I intend to leave my house happy when I start my day.

Ok, that sounds weak-sauce and vague, but let me explain. I am a morning person actually. Not a 5 am kind of person, but a 6:30 am I enjoy the quiet morning to drink coffee in one place kind of morning-lark. Doing yoga for 10 minutes, doing my makeup, or reading something from my OCD books for 10 minutes. Basically, I know that on the rare occasion I was able to do something that was really good for me for even 10 minutes in the morning, I can walk into class or into work ready to perform well, and be a pleasant person at the same time. Most days, I roll out of bed, frustrated with my poor planning and anxious about the days work, and then I get to work or school after rushing to make it, and my peer asks me how I am, and I grumble “Good” when my tone says “BAD”, complain about something, and then my mind is everywhere else and I don’t perform well. What a sad way to start each day.

I plan to make this intention happen by making it a top priority that each morning, before I leave the house, I do just 10 minutes of something that is really restorative for me. Can’t be something related to productivity or school or work or errands. Simple and flexible. Let’s see what happens.

I’m off to a good start! Day 1: I wrote this blog post 🙂


What do you think?

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