PAUSE! I Insist.

I have homework to do. Emails to answer.  And I need to go running.  I don’t care about a ten point assignment, whether I responded to your email immediately, or cellulite right now. I will take time to pause.

I’ve never done that before today. Have you?

Heart racing, head aching, body tense, and lungs useless. That’s my body asking me to pause. I had a lunch break to be efficient with. Instead, I decided to just grab a short meditation podcast, set a timer on my phone, and laid down on the floor of my room. And you know what? I feel loads better. I think the  “pause” button  might also be “reset” button sometimes. I think being kind to myself is worth more than being efficient, although people around me may not agree.

Looking for free meditation podcasts? Check out iTunes:

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it. ~ Sydney J. Harris


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