Group Therapy: Check In #2- Mindful Yummies & Curiosity

What if we approached our future and our life with curiosity instead of fear and anxiety?

That was the focus of session #2: Beginner’s Mind, and as the psychologist leading our session posed that question, I couldn’t help but feel hope bubbling up inside of me. The very idea seemed adventurous and exciting; I have spent much of  my time and energy approaching the next moment with fear.

But curiosity? I know how wonderful that state can be. I love to learn, and most folks who love the pursuit of knowledge are familiar with the joys that pure curiosity can bring. There’s a strange happiness when you don’t know what is around that corner, but you treat uncertainty like an adventure or an unfolding story, rather than a death sentence.

Here are some links for resources about Beginner’s Mind that I have found helpful as I learn about this attitude of mindfulness:

Cultivate Beginner’s Mind for Mindfulness (Mindfulness Workbook for Dummies)

Beginner’s Mind (Psychology Today)

We also ended our session with a mindfulness meditation exercise about eating. Each of us grabbed a piece of fruit and practiced experiencing that fruit, sensation by sensation, from the weight of it in our hands & the texture of the skin to how it felt to slowly take the first bite. I don’t think I’ve ever taken that long to eat a single blackberry, and as silly as the exercise may sound, I was surprisingly relaxed afterwards. How simple and convenient that I can chill out by just taking a few moments to slow down and be curious in my eating. I think this is something nice I can try for at least one bite during mealtimes for some informal mindfulness moments.  🙂

3 Weird New Ways to Meditate (Prevention)

Mastering the Mindful Meal (Brigham and Women’s Hospital




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