Coffee Art & Other Happy Things (To Ward Off My OCD)

I’m not entirely sure if bad things must always have a purpose, but I think it’s adaptive to observe and appreciate the good that can come from the darker things in life. So in terms of finding the silver-lining of my OCD, I have to admit that before my journey to master the OCD beast, I never knew that the following were so valuable to me! I’d say that’s a pretty worthwhile epiphany. These are things which help keep me grounded and help keep the dark clouds of anxiety at bay.

The surprise in my latte :)

1)  A good coffee or chai latte,no rush. I like the idea that sometimes, I have nowhere to be. And when it’s a good coffee place, you may get surprise coffee art from your barista 🙂

2)  Listening to NPR while getting ready in the mornings. I like to know what’s happening in my world; helps me put my “problems” in perspective.

3)  Crooning along to Tay-Tay Swifty during my morning commute.

4)  Camping! When you have no cell phone service, no internet, and no choice but to stay put, it’s a really great situation for being forced to ignore compulsions. Let’s not forget the soothing power of nature and a good campfire.

5) Journaling/blogging. I feel much more centered and balanced after some self-reflection.

6) A little netflix. Yup. Something about catching up on Doctor Who for one hour and forgetting the real world helps knock you back into shape.

7) Self-care. For me, taking the time to do my hair or put together an outfit is about more than image; it symbolizes that I care about myself enough to take some time for myself.

8) Last but certainly not least (in fact, most): people! I used to think I could do everything alone. I had a skewed perception of independence. Now I openly admit all the time how much I love and need people; the genuine people in my life :). My family, a few good friends, and my boyfrend/best friend. The people who see the good, the bad, and the ugly, and have carried me throughout my OCD. I’m no longer concerned with appearing perfect and strong in front of these individuals, and it’s the most liberating and joyful new favorite thing in my life.


What do you think?

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