Your Brain on Mindfulness

I have a had a few weeks of epic fails in the mindfulness department (blog posts to come involving toasters, sporks, driving,  and a door knob I’ve jiggled so much it came off the other day). I think perhaps, I just don’t understand how important it is.  In spite of my words, I think if I am honest with myself, I just don’t believe it will really rewire my brain. I needed some inspiration, so I decided to do a quick Google search on mindfulness and the brain to see what’s floating in the world out there.

A few things first:

1) I don’t  consider googling to be the best thing to do when one wants to know an answer regarding health, and especially mental health. When it comes to critical decisions, I believe in consulting experts (meaning they study the domain in which you have a question and are up on the current research), medical professionals, and in consulting peer-reviewed academic journals. Bloggers are not held accountable for posting false information; licensed medical professionals can lose their careers and be fined out the yin-yang for giving you bad information.

2) Of course, not all studies are made equal. If you are able, you can supplement your conversations with a trusted health professional with your own perusing of well designed research studies and meta-analysis, but as always, read with caution.

3) Googling can be really helpful in finding information if you make sure the sources are trustworthy, and lucky for those of us who are struggling with OCD, trustworthy researchers are making their info public and are even packaging things for the average, google-loving, consumer of information who really doesn’t want to read a whole research article.

SO! Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D writes for the Huffington Post and has posted a very motivating blurb about the exciting directions mindfulness and neuroscience is taking. His article is a short and sweet summary of what mindfulness might be able to do for the brain and he even has a short mindfulness video exercise posted at the the end of the article! Sweet! Best of all, if you click on the links for each of the super motivating newsbits he shares about the neuroscience of mindfulness and how it may rewire us, you will be directed to a PDF of the original research article he cites so you can see for yourself. Now that’s refreshing.

Check it out!  => How Mindfulness Rewires the Brain by Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D 


What do you think?

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