Mindfulness Moment : Cupcakes!

Yay for heart shaped sprinkles!
Yay for heart shaped sprinkles!

Ok. So maybe my second post on this blog was really Mindfulness Moment #1 (being an ESL tutors for refugees), but cupcakes are also a very powerful mindfulness moment for me. When making cupcakes, I feel pretty normal. The parts of the brain active in my OCD that make existing difficult ( I call it my personal Jiminy-Cricket-on-crack) are soothed for a bit as I enjoy mixing, measuring, decorating, and of course, eating. Actually, cooking will do that for me, but very few of my culinary attempts come out as cute and tasty as a cupcake.

I don’t pay attention to time. I like smelling the batter before and after it’s journey in the oven. Today, I was brave and tried to put truffles inside the cupcakes (a trick that’s been sitting in my Pinterest account for ages and I finally decided to do in real life) . Chocolate AND cupcakes?! Awesome sauce!

Best of all, I always make cupcakes with people in mind. Believe it or not, I don’t make 24 cupcakes for myself to eat. If I am making cupcakes, it’s because something or someone special is on my mind and I want to show them love and celebrate!  Also, I never make a cupcake the same way twice (not because it’s my secret, but more so because I’m kind of a chaotic/crappy cook).  So, I suppose if I wanted to be cheesy, I make my cupcakes with a dash of love 😀  Today, I made cupcakes in honor of my Dad’s retirement and I also practiced a few Valentine’s Day cupcakes (see pic above for last year’s creation).

Typically, my cupcakelicious mindfulness moments are also accompanied by music. Happy music that makes me smile and feel so hopeful that I actually find myself dancing and using my whisk as a microphone. Or I slip and slide in my socks across the tile floor. And no, my roommates are so not present to witness all of this :p

Today’s song on loop: Dara Maclean “Free”

I also think it helps that the warm oven and the kitchen smelling like cake brings me back to childhood. I was very fortunate to have a family that gave me a wonderful childhood, the kind that fosters a huge imagination and optimism. And a childhood with lots of baked goods :).

Here is the recipe for the spiffy truffle cupcakes I tried: Lindt Truffle Chocolate Cupcakes

What are your mindfulness moments like?


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