A Journal for Mindfulness

2012 was the absolute worst for my OCD; bad enough that my friends and I call it “The Year of Anxiety”. The worst part was how quickly time flew, and not in the fun sort of way. So for 2013, I thought that I should supplement my efforts to master my OCD with a blog (how trite, I know). The goal is to document moments and sources of joy, thankfulness, inspiration, and other happy fuzzy emotions throughout the year  in order to help me stay in the present. Sometimes this will be a journal of random musings. Other times it will be a way for me to share articles, videos, and music that has done me such good that I am dying to share it with my nonexistent readership (not gonna lie, I have grand dreams about this blog).  Finally, I am hoping to document those wonderful things which I notice when I am living mindfully so that when I am lost in anxiety and negativity, I can find my way back again.


What do you think?

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